The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Posted by: on Nov 29, 2016 | No Comments


Words of wisdom: If your doctor asks, “Do you want the flu shot today?” Don’t say, “Maybe next time.” Do it then and there. I wasn’t prepared to have my kids dosed and we paid for it. The next week we began to drop like flies with a truly nasty flu. Weeks later we still have lingering coughs but we are officially over the hump. The first real moment of light for us was last Friday when we put up the Christmas tree. The kids were so excited and filled the morning with laughter and imagination. They play with the tree like it’s a magic world of discovery and I’m pretty sure if we were to shake it; legos and toy cars would come flying out.

The hardest part of a flu winding it’s way through your family as a parent is the sleep deprivation, the quarantine, and the cartoon marathon. All of this is compounded by the two months of straight rain we’ve had in Vancouver. Despite these challenges, including straight up boredom, there was something about moving slow that made me appreciate the littleness and vulnerability of my boys more than ever. When I was the last to fall sick they were rooting for me to get better. Telling me to drink water and offering me little treasures to aid in my healing. They watched me have a couple breakdowns out of sheer exhaustion but forgave me my lapse in parenting ability.

Kids have such a way of adding sweetness to bitter situations.

In the midst of the flu season I’ve been continuing to work on my new project which I’m so excited to share with you in the New Year. It’s been a ray of light for me on these dark, rainy days. I have a few posts coming up for Elasticpantcity so please, keep coming back!