Terra Nova Adventure Play Environment

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Yesterday morning I was supposed to stay home and work but then Ben showed me photos of the new playground they were going to explore in Richmond. As if I was going to let them go without me!

The Terra Nova Adventure Play Environment is on the cutting edge of playground design in that it hopes to address “Nature-Deficit Disorder’ in kids and adults by creating a play environment amongst trees and former farm fields, with wild-life nearby and adjacent to the Fraser River.

Although the playground is only 20 minutes from Kitsilano, it feels like a fairy tale world with it’s beautiful vegetation and noticeably absent carbon footprint.

The park was most appropriate for Levi’s age (6) but the younger boys enjoyed exploring the environment and testing their physical limits. I escaped for a 5 KM run along the dikes while they played and was completely taken in by the beauty of the physical environment; the golden marshlands, low tide stretching as far as the eye could see and the mountains of Vancouver Island in the distance.

I told Ben that the Terra Nova Adventure Play Environment would be the perfect date night location. We could explore all the equipment hands-free and then go for a romantic walk along the dikes.

You guys have got to check it out!