Life At A Glance | Secret Spots On Granville Island

Posted by: on Jun 25, 2015 | No Comments


If you’re ever on Granville Island with your family or visiting from out of town it’s easy to miss some of the special, more secluded spots. Last weekend we rode our bikes with the three boys in tow and headed to Ron Basford Park which is located on the easterly tip of the island.

It’s a great park for kids to explore with the grassy knoll shaped as amphitheatre seating for performances. The boys had a ball running and rolling up and down the slopes and exploring the zigzagging pathways and hidden nooks. I love that all they need is their imagination to make this park a world of entertainment. The park also provides an up close look at the boats moored on Granville Island. The boys got a kick out of the boats that had real bird’s nests and even a pirate ship flag.

When there are not special performances happening Ron Basford Park is very quiet and peaceful. That is, until we arrive.

Another area we explored for the first time was inside Emily Carr University. The University has galleries open to the public and Levi loved checking out the paintings and drawings on display. He gets so much inspiration from visiting art galleries and it’s a major source of joy for me that we share this in common. The younger two ran a little wild in there and I could tell the hipster gentleman manning the desk was offended by the noise but we were careful not to overstay our welcome and enjoyed it nonetheless.

Of course no trip to the Island would be complete without a stop at Ocean Construction for a taste of public art and some wows from Ezra over the cement trucks. Also the pizza in the Granville Island Market is our favourite in the city so we filled our bellies there. Ben and I huffed and puffed the calories off on the ride home. Carting kids is hard work!