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I get a little tic in my eye when I start talking about homeschooling. For one thing the term itself is so often misunderstand or packed with negative connotations. There was a time and it is only just starting to change when a lot of people who asked about my kids schooling, and I would say I’m teaching them at home, would frown with concern about their social adaptiveness. They would not try to hide their misgivings and generally thought we were weird, backward, or even in one person’s words, “abusive.”

For a while I switched to saying we are doing, “distributed learning.” Which is true, we are still meeting BC Curriculum requirements. When no one knew what that meant, I thought forget it. Call it what it is; homeschooling. The funny thing about homeschooling is that it is becoming such a popular method of teaching that I could have my kids signed up for group classes with  other homeschooling kids every day of the week. We are signed up for a couple classes but the heart of homeschooling for me is still time together, learning as a family.

This is the first year of homeschooling where I feel genuinely more confident and comfortable in our groove. It comes from experience and research, excellent resources and a growing passion for learning. I’ve put considerable time into becoming a better administrator of our family life and schooling schedule. I’ve narrowed down my own passions to fully concentrate on my role as parent/teacher.

Most days I’m excited to teach my kids. There are plenty of distractions (just like in a classroom) and sometimes I have to be a firm disciplinarian. Remember being sent out into the hallway? Do they still do that? Well, I’ve certainly embraced a version of it. I have to be authoritative and while occasionally this makes me feel self-concious when running my family like a squad, through our public and private routines, I’m convinced it’s how to survive and thrive in a homeschooling environment. We have plenty of soft, cuddly and uproariously hilarious times as a family but when I need to be, I am strict. I make my kids do their work.

I think it’s too easy to be a push-over as a parent in this day and age with so many outside forces competing for our kids’ attention. We try to make our kids our best-friends when really they need the constructive advice and direction of an adult, who genuinely has their best interests at heart. They’re hungry for our opinion and sometimes even our discipline. They need to learn that love isn’t someone always agreeing with them.

If you have questions about homeschooling, please feel free to ask in the comment section below. I’m happy to provide information about resources, etc.