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I was going to let Elasticpantcity go. I started Her Vancouver and fell in love with my slick, new site focused on Vancouver women and other lifestyle topics. Her Vancouver feels grown-up while Elasticpantcity felt at that time of introspection like a simple mommy blog focused on a very specific time frame of my life. Elasticpantcity has always been unstructured with a lot of posts written on a whim based on my current mood or interests. I never followed a posting schedule for any length of time.


He really is this old now. I know.

A weird thing with Elasticpantcity is I also never looked backwards. I couldn’t bare to view old blog posts through the lens I was wearing at the moment I had written it. I knew that quite likely I’d feel different about the topic or situation upon further reflection and I didn’t want to try to rewrite history or memories. And then recently I had to go back through old posts to find some information and I was hit hard with the realization that I love Elasticpantcity. I love the record it holds of my children from wee ones until now. I love the memories it calls to mind of fun moments as a family but also the heart-wrenching times of physical pain, loss and disappointment. Even though I’m through the baby stage (technically anything is still possible, just saying) I still have a huge heart for women entering motherhood for the first time. I realized that I want Elasticpantcity to be an ongoing hug for ladies who are navigating parenthood, hormones, and a new lifestyle with baby.


The beauty of this place is in some ways it is effortless. Her Vancouver takes a lot of leg work: scheduling interviews, transcribing, etc. and even now I can see I’ve bitten off more then I can chew on my own. The beauty of Her Vancouver is that I have set it up to be a collaborative site. I’m in a season where I decided I can not build Her Vancouver full time. And that is so okay. My heart feels content to be focussed on homeschooling the boys, serving the church and loving God and people to the best tor my ability. Striving has ceased. Her Vancouver is there waiting. Waiting for any aspiring writers with an opinion and willingness to do the research on a topic. The format is cool, the content is wide. Call me ; ) (

In the mean time, Elasticpantcity feels like an old hangout. A place I can’t help but return to. I’ve got some good content coming your way. Quickly? Probably not but as life allows.

Wishing you the best,


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  1. Elizabeth
    March 16, 2017

    Hi Michelle, I’m glad you’re sticking around. I’m an East Van mom of three under 5, very involved in my local church (my husband’s a pastor), and blogging on the side to maintain my writing skills and sense of self. It’s nice to see what someone a stage ahead of me (ie. school age kids) is doing! So, you know, thanks for sharing :) I also think elastic pant city is far too awesome of a name to let go.