It’s Gonna Be Worth It All

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On Monday I climbed Golden Ears Mountain with my sister-in-law, Elizabeth Gadd, and her friend Shane Black. In the matter of two weeks we planned a hike that is rated “difficult” (as opposed to moderate or easy). I scrambled to get together the gear and set blindly forth on what would be an epic journey.

2015 has been a year of magical thinking*. Follow me for a moment and I’ll get back to that mountain top.

I’m often asked why I chose natural child birth three times over. An epidural sounds amazeballs! My sheepish response is always, “I just wanted to know I could do it.” I never understood why I would willingly endure pain. But then I hiked Golden Ears with a gargantuan backpack on, scaling rocks and clinging to tree roots for dear life, my body in physical agony finally to reach the top and see….well all of this: Pure. Raw. Beauty.

In the last six months I raced in my first triathlon and completed a mountain trek knowing they would cause me tremendous physical pain but the reward would be worth it.

Sitting on that mountain top I realized giving birth naturally was my gateway to embrace life fully: Pain and joy go hand in hand. This is the way of faith, hope and love.

Would I do another hike like this? With gritted teeth, determination, and a healthy fear; absolutely!












*The Year of Magical Thinking is a Joan Didion title but I think it aptly applies to my thought processes in 2015!