Field Trip To Life Bites

Posted by: on Apr 11, 2016 | No Comments


One of the most gratifying parts of homeschooling is being able to take my kids on field trips that are work-related for me but also great learning opportunities for them. Last week I taught them about industry; how there are many types and we specifically delved into the snack making industry. I was invited by Life Bites, a family-friendly North Vancouver company that makes organic, chocolate covered and sprinkled with coconut or hemp seeds, dehydrated banana snacks, to see their factory space. Their snacks are free from fillers and preservatives and deliciously addictive.

Life Bites, which is now in many grocery stores, has become an incubator for other startup food companies, who all share a warehouse space in North Vancouver. It’s part of a trend toward more home grown companies providing what the big food companies can’t or won’t. Many of the companies are pictured in the images below.

The kids were able to see the various stages of Life Bites production and were especially interested in the chocolate coating apparatus. I have no idea why…

I’m embarrassed to say how quickly we went through our package of Life Bites!