Elasticpantcity in Native Shoes at the VAG

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Saturday was the kind of day we’ve been waiting for in Vancouver for a long time! The sun came out and so did our Native Shoes, the first sign that Spring is in the air! Native Shoes are essentially light weight slip ons with fasteners and super ventilation. They’re easy for kids to pull on because they can be tightened with a draw string which means getting out the door and into the sun is that much faster. I love my grown-up Apollo Mocs for cruising around town on my bike. We are a car-free family and so comfy and functional footwear is essential and my Native Shoes are perfectly paired with my speedy, little blue road bike. I chose an all black pair for versatility because they can be dressed up or down, in my case, mostly down (but the potential is there ; ). All Native Shoes are animal by-product, BPA and phthalate free, and do not contain hazardous materials such as formaldehyde. I highly, highly recommend Native Shoes for the whole family and how often can you say that about a brand?

We biked to the Vancouver Art Gallery for their Family Fuse Weekend where interactive art projects are available for the kids. This is probably the first time the boys were old enough to truly appreciate the activities and we had a blast doing a scavenger hunt and sculpting with clay. They love the old courthouse building that hosts VAG and as we traveled up and down the levels they pretended they were exploring a fancy mansion. After the gallery we explored Robson Square and all the paths and stair cases around the new(er) law courts.






Levi has no idea who the Muppets are, but this little guys bares an uncanny resemblance to Alfonso, right?




Exploring the Law Court grounds is a must in Vancouver for families. They tend to be super quiet with great views of the city.



For about 2.5 seconds I wore a tank top. That’s a big deal. Come on Spring!


These are probably my favourite photos from this post because Levi was telling me an awesome story about the mythical world they were exploring.