Dress Your Men In Mark’s

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Do you remember your first job? Of course! You were probably a teenager just like me who wanted to earn some extra spending money for Starbucks and shopping at the Gap.

Ironically my first regular employment was in one of the few clothing stores at the time that grown men would shop in with a little swagger to their step. I was a scrawny 15-year-old girl trying to sell either steel-toed boots to big, scruffy men or front-pleated pants to clean-cut, male office workers. At the time the store was called Mark’s Work Wearhouse (now just Marks) but don’t let the masculine name deceive you; they also sell a selection of female apparel.

I was maybe their first retail worker who didn’t sell a thing. I dreaded being asked about work grade boots and water-resistant clothing. Needless to say, once the performance chart went up in the lunch room, I saved them the pain of having to fire me by quitting.

Recently in a burst of nostalgia I decided to check out what Mark’s is like almost 20 years later. After all, I have four men in my life who need to be dressed appropriately in a variety of seasons.

Man, was I pleasantly surprised by Mark’s selection of modern styles. They’ve kept up with denim trends by carrying slim fit, distressed jeans in a variety of washes. Their t-shirts have become more form-fitting and flattering and they’ve added a great selection of work casual looks like cool chinos and checked button-up shirts. Mark’s has always been great for active wear too, especially hikers.

I would not call Ben an avid and enthusiastic shopper. He buys clothes because he doesn’t want to be naked. When we walk into H & M he slumps his way through the sexy, body con dresses to the men’s selection on the second level.

Now having checked out Mark’s, I feel like I could send him shopping with a whole new level of confidence: For one reason, that he’ll come home with styling clothes and secondly, that he might actually enjoy the  experience.

Did I mention the prices? They won’t bust any balls.

Images from left to right, top to bottom: Denver Haye’s Black T-Shirt, Edgewick ShoeDenver Haye’s Long Sleeved Button Up Shirt , Redmond Low-Cut HikerContour Heather Crew Neck ShirtMelange Henley Top