Editorial | Robin Hood Quick Bread Mixes

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It’s so much fun to bake with kids but even more fun for the grown-up if the mess is limited. Robin Hood Quick Bread Mixes offer homemade taste in a hurry. There are five delicious flavours to choose from: Banana Flavoured, Chocolate Chip, Lemon Poppy Seed Flavoured, Cinnamon Swirl, and Gluten Free Banana Flavoured.

Kobo Share The Love Contest

Kobo Share The Love Contest

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I love to read and according to my parents I was miserable in grade one until I learned how. Dick and Jane will forever represent freedom to me. I spent most of my early childhood sitting in tree branches reading. Now with Kobo, it’s possible to have 100s of books at my¬†fingertips. If I had access to Kobo when I was little, I never would have come down from that tree.