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We’re in a tough season of parenting. One of our kids is having severe night terrors and despite our presence and reassurance, he’s very difficult to comfort. He brings down the house with his screams which is frightening for all of us. It’s one of those circumstances where as a parent you want help from the outside but when someone hands you an advice book you’re shouting on the inside, “I’m too tired to read! Just give me the magic!” Kind of like figuring out how to get your kids to sleep in the first place, right?

These sleep-deprived times take prayer and patience. Often my last resort and least characteristic when I’m tired. We sing to him, cuddle, and point him towards the loving care of his Heavenly Father. It’s easy for me to feel disheartened, but today I was reminded of a wonderful thing when I went out to my garden.

It almost always happens when I’m unaware; at first a tomato appears here or there and than suddenly… an abundance! Today I pulled all these mother tomatoes off the vine: Plump, juicy tomatoes the size of soft-balls. It was such a simple act but a great reminder to be thankful. Just as there is fruit in the labour of planting a garden from seed, there is fruit in gently tending the hearts of my children. Sometimes the job is dirty and ungrateful, but always worth it in the end. I was also reminded of the abundance of blessings in my life; from my family to the peaceful nation we live in.

“…For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.”-Luke 6:45





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  1. Louise Toews
    August 31, 2016

    Oh thank you for this beautiful, soul-baring, encouraging post. I was handed a book when our first wasn’t sleeping and I just couldn’t get it at all, which just left me discouraged. I was then told to read the bible, listen to podcasts, hear a sermon … didn’t they realise these were just as impossible?! Then, God just sustained us. He didn’t take away the challenge.

    Now, I’m reading the bible again, sitting through a sermon, listening to the extremely rare podcast, and reading a parenting book! Things are still extremely challenging and there is still plenty of sleeplessness and inconsolable screaming (though ours is in the day), but I’m starting to see those little seeds take shoot.