A Superhero Birthday Party in the Forest

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Levi requested a superhero party in the forest for his birthday and we thought it was a brilliant idea. What child doesn’t want to run through magical woods in a costume? Jethro. The kids went beyond the catalogue of Avenger characters to their own mythical creations. Levi was The King of The Superheroes (You can only get a way with telling your friends that for so long). We had a Ladybug superhero and two princesses with the superhero power of cuteness. And then of course Batman and Spiderman were in attendance.

We met at Pacific Spirit Park and walked, ran, tumbled through the trails on a scAVENGER Hunt (See what I did there). The kids loved checking things off their list and exploring the wilderness. They were so pooped at the end of the hunt that they sat down on the grass, quietly flipping through their Spiderman colouring books. But that was only the beginning. We headed back to our house for hotdogs and kryptonite cake. They had to eat their cake before the kryptonite could weaken Superman. The adults helped too.

This party may have been one of my favourites yet. It was an affordable and fun way to entertain kids for a couple hours while engaging in pretend play. Here’s a link to the PDF of the scAVENGER Hunt Items if you want to plan your own superhero party in the forest. We did not plant any of these items in the forest in advance. They were easy to come by as you will see from the list, with a little parental help.










This little man has been feeling under the weather for a long time. I’m running out of questions to ask the Doctor….




The kryptonite cake recipe was adapted from here. I made the recipe into one large chocolate cake with a little less sugar because the toppings were sugar enough. I used food colour to create the green cream cheese icing and the kryptonite was made from green rock candy. It was sweet.



  1. Sheri
    May 20, 2014

    that is pure awesomeness…love your photos and the cake is spectacular…praying for your little guy who isn’t feeling so great.

  2. Michelle
    May 21, 2014

    Love the photos and the idea of a scavenger hunt in the woods… perfect!