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Let’s talk hair and outerwear.

Last night I was treated to the ultimate mommy’s night off at Salon Haze in Vancouver. I had a three hour appointment that included a cut and colour, uninterrupted tea drinking and cover-to-cover magazine reading. I might be a couple years late to the trend but I went for a sun kissed ombre look. The magic touch of the Salon Haze stylist Loretta Tom made my hair look better than it EVER has before. Loretta did test strips of colour in my hair to determine which one would ultimately suit my au natural aesthetic. She carefully blended the lighter colour into my dark brown hair making sure there wasn’t a skunk funk (just made that up) happening on my head. In talking to Loretta about her work, I quickly realized I was in the hands of an expert.

Loretta and Tim, two of the four stylists at Salon Haze participate in hair stylists competitions on a regular basis. You know the posters that salons display in their windows featuring crazy, futuristic hair styles? At Salon Haze Loretta and Tim are the actual artists behind the images featured throughout the salon. While I wasn’t planning to get a fantastic hair piece installed on my head, it was apparent that Loretta’s talent also extends to transforming my Plain Jane hair into something beautiful. If you are in Vancouver looking for hair care you must visit Salon Haze. They’re located right along the 99 bus route on the corner of West Broadway and Carnarvon St.

This Fall/Winter I needed a warm coat. I’ve bought several cheap ($30 max) winter jackets over the years and they have only lasted a season, usually ripping or the zipper breaking. I decided to buy a wool coat from Zara and this blue/grey one is the perfect piece. It’s thick enough to keep warm without wearing a sweater underneath, but there’s plenty of room if I need to layer. The folded collar allows me to forego a scarf and gives the coat a unique look. I can pair it with just about anything including my uniform of jeans and boots. The great thing about having a nice coat is that even if my top is covered with baby barf, I can hide it with outerwear that makes me feel somewhat put together, even though I know what lies beneath. The bag is also from Zara and is perfect for diapers and other baby gear.

What coat are you sporting this season?



*My front yard may become my newest photo shoot location with my minivan as the backdrop. I’ve realized there will never be a perfect photographer or location with three kids and so I’ve resorted to my tripod and a self-timer.


  1. Sheri
    December 18, 2013

    So great to read your post. Your coat is beautiful. I love the part about hiding the baby barf. Keep up the amazing work of raising Godly boys and being real. You rock it.

  2. Terrylyn
    December 18, 2013

    I just have to confirm the incredible hairdo done at salon haze! I saw Michelle today and she looks amazing. Love it!