Mommy Musings | A Birth Story

Posted by: on Dec 14, 2013 | 2 Comments

Ezra Peter finally made an appearance on Thursday, November 28th at 5 PM. I kept telling the little buddy that a day labour would be a nice gift, get ‘er done before dinner time. When labour pains came on in the morning I knew that by the end of the day we’d be meeting Ezra. Our midwife came by the house just before two, and we were at the hospital by three.

When people say it was a quick delivery it’s not quite how it played out in my mind. When I was in labour everything felt like it was in slow motion; the time between contractions, the awareness of people waiting, the agonizing question of, “When will this end?” I remember all the lines around me as blurry, probably because of the tears that squeezed there way out with every contraction.

Do you recall when I said gall bladder attacks feel worse than labour? I totally lied. Labour is the cat’s pajamas of pain. Somehow I forget between every baby and when it’s too late I’m asking for an epidural. When I calmly (ha, ha!) asked for pain relief this time around my midwife explained an epi takes around a half hour to work and this baby would be out in five minutes. Five minutes sounds great except when you know that five minutes is going to involve excruciating pain and a horrible moment called the ‘Ring of Fire.’ Let’s fast forward through the next part.

Ezra was born 8 lbs 5 oz. He took a while to cry out and his heart rate soared to 200, five minutes after birth. Peds was called in, his heart rate dropped but they had no explanation of what caused the spike. The question every one wants an answer to is, “Does he have a club foot?” Our little man has one semi-rigid left foot that will need to be cast in order to straighten it out.

He’s precious and perfect.
He does not sleep when we want him too.
He guzzles milk like it’s his last supper.
He is another baby who will grow into a boy and then a man who I have the privilege of raising and instructing in what is good, right and holy.

What a joy! What a job!

I am thankful.


  1. Andrea @ Mama in the City
    December 14, 2013

    Congratulations! Hope you are able to catch a nap in between keeping up with your 3. Love the name!

  2. Jeff and Ambra Gullacher
    December 15, 2013

    Congratulations Michelle and Ben! We’re so happy Ezra’s out now and you can have him to hold and admire…and feed :)
    From the Gullachers!!