Brain Massage | Don’t Sugar Coat Our Food Labels

Brain Massage | Don’t Sugar Coat Our Food Labels

Calling a woman “Sugar” aside from all the sexist connotations, usually insinuates that a gal is sweet and satisfying. Now the American FDA is requiring all food manufacturers to identify and call out all “added sugars” implying what many of us already know, that sugar may be sweet to our taste buds but rotten for our health.

Life At A Glance | Picasso Made Me Do It

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Hi friends! I was just out at a dinner in connection with the current Picasso: The Artist and His Muses Exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery. It was a lovely event and a wonderful opportunity to chat it up with Vancouver media friends. I admire them so much for their drive and dedication to growing their brands and telling their stories about Vancouver. I sat at a table with folks far more experienced than me and tried to glean all I could.

The dinner was also a reminder that this city isn’t only about it’s exorbitant real estate market. It’s a city with a growing arts and culture scene. It’s a city full of creative minds who want to see Vancouver thrive as a community. I’m so tired of Vancouver being referred to as, “an empty resort town.” I live here. I love here. I’m raising my kids here and it’s home. I want to prove that Vancouver can be a family-friendly city.

Wow. Tangent.

I knew people would be coming straight from work to the dinner but it was a night out on the town for this mama and so I put on a fancy frock and I loved every minute of wearing it. I think Picasso would have appreciated it ; )

It’s so fun to dress for myself which has taken me a long time to realize. My sweet friend Della lent me this vintage gem for the summer while she’s up North. It will be doing the evening party circuit.

Anywho! It’s been a long day with one very strong cocktail. Have a good night and from the bottom of my heart, thanks for stopping by Elasticpantcity.

P.S. I literally kick toys out of the way and run in front of the camera, take as many pics as I can with my remote in a very small allotment of time before my boys are all over me. I love it but it makes for some blurry photos!




City Circus | Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival

City Circus | Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival

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I could have taken a million pictures of Ezra in his life jacket. It fit him  perfectly but was just so miniature and cute! On Saturday our family had the opportunity to go out on a Dragon Boat in celebration of the Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival happening June 17-19th.

Mommy Musings | Movement

Mommy Musings | Movement

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Not a day since having kids have I thought, “so this is my new normal.” Every day they grow before my eyes. They change and morph into the people they are going to become. Sometimes it feels uncannily like watching a slow motion film as they tantrum and convalesce on the ground like an over turned crab. When will they grow up? Other times it feels like a year is a day. I don’t have time to grow accustomed to a status quo. That’s what it’s like being around evolving little ones.

Good Bones

Good Bones

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I’ve often heard people describing old houses as having good bones. They just need a bit of a facelift and then voila! You have something unique and beautiful.

I feel the same way about a lot of vintage clothing. It may have good bones but it needs some tweaking. This vintage, button-up dress was shoulder padded out and pinned in weird places. A few snips later and it became a vamped up topper of distressed jeans with sexy BCBG Max Azria heels.

Tree Top Adventures

Tree Top Adventures

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This weekend we visited the UBC Botanical Garden for the first time. I cannot believe that it took us nine years to get to this magical place! It is so family-friendly. The boys loved hiking the garden paths, walking through the tree tops of the Greenheart TreeWalk, exploring the gigantic tunnel and performing shows in the Roseline Sturdy Amphitheatre.

Dinner With Catelli Ancient Grains Pasta

Dinner With Catelli Ancient Grains Pasta

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This past year, every Monday, we’ve hosted a potluck in our house. As the ones usually responsible for the main course we’ve had to come up with dishes that spread far and wide. Although Ben and I are currently limiting our gluten intake there’s nothing like a pasta dish to feed a full table.

Cast Off Your Worries

Cast Off Your Worries

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For a time I was posting a lot of amateur art here because I’m in the very early stages of exploring my interest in sculpting and painting. I reigned things in because I tend to have a whole hearted approach and get super excited which ultimately leads to oversharing. To be honest, the response wasn’t great either (as in silence) and so I decided to hug a little tighter to my chest this growing passion.  It’s so easy to feel crushed over popular opinion when ultimately a craft should be pursued for my own pleasure. And I do love it so much.

Keep On Keeping On

Keep On Keeping On

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I wanted to write something profound that will resonate with moms everywhere but the only thing I can think to say is, “I’m so tired.”

Hold up! You can totally relate to that.

I’ve been fighting a flu and have just enough energy to take care of my boys and get shiz done here. I’ve been fielding phone calls in a bad way because I’m scared any extra brain power exerted will lay me out. We’ve also been dealing with one of our sweet kittens being hit by a car and passing away. We adopted our two cats, a brother and sister, from my parents when their strata wouldn’t let my parents keep them. They were the most darling pair and we are very sad that Chloe is gone. She was sooo wonderful with our boys. She will be dearly missed.

16 Ways to Take Care of Wardrobe Staples

16 Ways to Take Care of Wardrobe Staples

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I was recently introduced to online lingerie company Third Love and a guide to saving my staples. When I thought of sharing how I take care of my staples with my readers I grimaced. Occasionally I put items on delicate cycle and then hang dry and I will bring special pieces to the dry cleaner, but other than that, I put it in the wash and hope for the best. I mix my stuff in with the boys’ clothes as well which is a bit scary…

Clearly this is not the best way to care for my clothes. If I truly believe in sustainability then I should be extra careful to make my basics last as long as possible. Thankfully, this step-by-step guide for caring for wardrobe essentials which I’m sharing here is super helpful! Especially when you come to the part on denim and handbag care. Also Third Love is offering Elasticpantcity readers a 15% discount on any Third Love purchase with the code STAPLES! With a wide selection of bras you are sure to find the right fit for you!

Here it goes!

Bra Care:

  1. Dab stains with mild, soapy water and gently rub
  2. Soak, then work suds into the fabric and rinse
  3. Fold and gently press the bra in a towel before laying out to dry
  4. If machine washing, use cold water and hook the bra or use a lingerie bag


  1. Use the cold water and gentle cycle
  2. To keep colours vibrant, soak in white vinegar for 10 minutes, then rinse
  3. Lay underwear flat on a towel to dry
  4. For whites, stay away from harsh bleach and pre-soak instead

*Honestly with cotton, every day underwear, it’s going in the wash and dryer for me but if you have special undies…do the above.


  1. Don’t machine wash you jeans often. Steam clean by hanging them up while you shower
  2. To freshen them up quick, put jeans in the freezer for a few hours to get rid of odours
  3. Replace detergent with vinegar and turn inside out to prevent fading
  4. It’s best to let denim air dry to keep the integrity of the denim


  1. It’s okay to hang handbags for a few days, but opt for bin or basket storage to prevent wearing out the straps
  2. Clean the inside by pulling the interior out and using a lint roller, or the brush attachment of your vacuum
  3. For bags that aren’t naturally stiff, fill with balls and tissue paper to help maintain the shape
  4. Clean the outside of leather bags with alcohol free baby wipes

Hope this was helpful and don’t forget to take advantage of the Third Love Discount!

Top 6 Pieces for Nursing Moms Made by Tessa Hughes

Top 6 Pieces for Nursing Moms Made by Tessa Hughes

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I’ve had friends ask me if I would write more on clothes suited for breast feeding women and so I thought now was the perfect time to feature local Vancouver company, Tessa Hughes. I think Tessa has designed the top 6 pieces every nursing mom should have!